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So what makes us so different?

Well, first of all, our care does not use protocols. Protocols may have worked for someone else, but they probably won’t work for you.

Our care is individual coaching, period.

What makes individual coaching so different?







First, the coach has to have a deep understanding of how your body works. How your body works is called physiology.

All doctors, coaches and caregivers have to study physiology to graduate with their respective degrees.

But, what do they do after graduation, when they are working with people?

The answer may shock you, but few caregivers ever look again at the subject after they graduate.

Guyton Textbook of Medical Physiology is the undisputed expert on the subject of how your body works. In over 3 decades of rubbing shoulders with different types of doctors in all settings, I can’t remember one other that myself that continues to use this book on a regular basis.

Recently, I had a phone conversation with an endocrinologist about a person that we were both working with. That person wanted a prescription from their endocrinologist for hormones that were completely unrelated to their complaints.

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I explained from a physiology standpoint why this person’s belief could not be the cause.

  • I clarified that there were no physiological markers to support this idea.
  • The lab results were close to normal.
  • Then presented a physiological basis of the condition.
  • And followed that with a physiological basis to approach the problem.

The endocrinologist agreed with me, and then followed that they were going to support what the person wanted anyway.

This is typical of care everywhere.

In the end, that approach was abandoned because it didn’t work, and the problem finally resolved after they quit and resumed the nutrients needed to restore their physiology.

Recently, I met a young lady who was studying to become a doctor of Chiropractic.

She said that the college that she was going to did not use a textbook in their physiology course. She further said that physiology was now being taught by a medical doctor who supposedly contradicted himself repeatedly in his lectures.

If this is true, how could these graduates ever hope to get to the bottom of the conditions of the people who would someday come to them for help?

I was recently at a conference with other doctors of multiple professions. One doctor was discussing an idea that they had and was looking for some help. He was being directed to multiple websites for information on the subject he was interested in.

After a while I asked the doctor a series of leading questions to get him to answer his own question. Those questions led him to the organ system that controlled his subject matter.

I continued to lead them with questions to help them understand how that organ system controlled the subject. Once they arrived at this point, I affirmed now you just have to figure out the why.

These questions ended the discussion.

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Caregivers have to know the cause and effect of why before they can help you.

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People don’t have a bunch of disjointed symptoms that don’t correlate to each other. Something ties everything going on inside of you together.

And until you can find a clinician who can explain to you why and how everything going on inside of you ties together, you won’t get the help you need to recover.

Think of this, your body was designed to heal; designed to not let you get sick.

Something has gone wrong inside of you to destroy your health. You couldn’t get sick unless you were too weak to fight something off.

That’s why you’re here.

 You don’t feel well.

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So let me ask you a question.

Do you want somebody to fix what others have made you believe is wrong with you, or do you want to be healthy?

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These 2 questions are as different as night and day.

If you want to address some name of some diagnosis, you will be barred from health.

The reason that you will be barred from health is simple.

A diagnosis does not define what is not working properly inside of you that robs you of health. A diagnosis simply leads to someone else’s protocol that will be given to you.

Merc Manual is what MD’s use. They look up a certain set of symptoms and lab test results that lead to a diagnosis. That diagnosis leads to a given care plan. The MD follows that care plan and has you come back to see how it is working by the time period given in the Merc Manual.

Alternative doctors do the same thing. Somebody comes up with a set of protocols for a given condition. Those protocols are distributed throughout the alternative health care industry. Alternative doctors use these protocols to address their patient’s complaints.

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The problem with this approach is that it is too generic.

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This approach does not evaluate you as an individual. It does not find out what specifically is going on inside of you to make you feel the way that you do.

And without knowing why you are not healthy, you are given somebody else’s guess, somebody else’s protocol in hopes that it will somehow make you better.

This approach doesn’t work very well on chronic conditions.

And you know that you have a chronic condition because you came here looking for answers.

Acute conditions resolve themselves. They usually don’t need much help.

Chronic conditions don’t resolve on their own.

They usually get worse over time.

They get worse over time because your body is not able to respond correctly to what is going on inside of it.

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Something is broken. Something is causing this.

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The average care is only effective about 25% of the time.[1]

Over the last 30+ years, our care averages 90+% resolution of the worst chronic conditions. These include:

  • Chronic Lyme Disease where people can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t get out of bed.
  • Chronic Candida, Mold, and Fungus.
  • Leaky Gut where people become too toxic to thrive, or think.
  • Hormone dysregulation that affects cycles, body shape, size & function.
  • Auto Immunity.
  • And more…

More than 90% of the people that we see with these conditions regain their health.

They regain their health because we don’t treat disease. We address the root causes of weakened physiology to help make them strong again. This allows people to heal.

The other 10% don’t follow instructions and bar themselves from health.

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To get you on the path to healing, your caregiver needs to be able to evaluate how well each of your body functions are operating.

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Then they need to find the root cause underlying why your functions are weak. After this, they need to be able to test the ability of their approach to be able to help you heal before they give it to you.

This is our approach.

Finding root causes of peoples complaints, and testing to find what resolves those root causes.

Most of our care is with people from a long distance away.

There is only limited space to take people in to help them heal.

[1] Business Week published a lead article on Medical Guesswork on May 29, 2006 stating: “The portion of medicine that has been proven effective is still outrageously low — in the range of 20% to 25%.”

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Here is a link to test yourself to find out where you need help to empower your healing.

* Candida/Leaky Gut – the root to almost all sickness.
* Food Intolerance – the silent killers of health.
* Ability to Heal – crucial to empower.
* HPA Axis – the key behind hormonal dysregulation.
* Nutrition – the building block of life.
* Water – the medium of life.


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