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Our mission is to expose the roots of your chronic condition and then help you to make the lifestyle changes necessary to awaken your dormant healing processes to optimize vibrant life.

With over 30 years as a Functional Medicine Practitioner (FMP), we have the history and the tools to deliver this consistently to those who want to change the course of their lives. We accomplish this by being thorough in our unique process of evaluating your body’s roots of dysfunction, and then using this same process to custom tailor a program for your unique individual needs to heal.

We do not treat disease, as this approach bars chronic sufferers from health. Nor do we promise cures as this focus empowers the disease mindset which blocks the path to vitalized health.

Since a clinician cannot address what they cannot find, we do not use generic protocols for conditions. We probe to find what you, as an individual need to heal, and then address those needs with the nutrition and lifestyle changes necessary to unlock your ability to heal. We then walk with you through the process of healing, making the necessary changes along the way to optimize your ability to heal.

If you’re ready to make the necessary lifestyle changes to heal then you have come to the right place.

This site is dedicated to those who are seeking the pathway to health.