Blindsided Avoid The #1 Crash

Today’s newsletter is about being blindsided.


We had several people who were doing great. Their health was being restored, their energies and abilities to function were increasing.

And then out of nowhere things started to change and go downhill. They were blindsided. One started with extreme  Gut pain, bloating, and maldigestion. This led to a global hyper inflammatory state, followed by a toxic overload, and hormonal dysregulation.

Another person just went to a spastic colon, followed by hormonal dysregulation.

And someone else developed a rapid onset of high blood pressure.

What caused all of this?

A supplement company had changed their formula. They had used wheat as a growth medium for making enzymes.

That product had been good for years. It was clean, and a lot of people were using it.

But, as marketing goes, someone had an idea of how to make the product more cost effective. They changed how they were producing it. And that change was to use wheat as a growth medium.

Wheat blindsided them.

Wheat, the Cause.

Wheat has it’s own problems with GMO and gluten, but now in the USA, 95% of the hard wheat crop is sprayed with glyphosate 2 days to 3 weeks before harvest.

You see, Monsanto, now Bayer, has promoted the use of glyphosate just before harvest to increase the yield of grains.

Even though scientists at the University of Minnesota disproved this idea of glyphosate increasing yields, their research has fallen on deaf ears. The farmers either aren’t informed of this, or they don’t believe it.

All of this has led to a blindsided public when a company changes how they make a product that used to be good, and don’t make that change public knowledge.

Finding The Culprit

How do you figure out where this is coming from.

Here’s a video link that describes how we respond to food intolerances.

It takes a lot of work. First you have to look for any changes in diet, supplements, water, and anything else. In these cases, the people did not have any changes.

So we have to go through discovery by testing. We check through the organ systems to find out what is weak. Then we have to find out which of the organ systems is the key to all of the dysfunction.

After finding the key organ system, we then have to test to see why it is reacting.

We then have to test to see if it is a toxic reaction, a food or supplement reaction, dysbiosis, hormonal dysfunction, and the like.

Once the type of reaction is discovered, the source of that response is then tested to identify the culprit.

Yes, this takes a lot of work and time. But, there is no other way to search the problem out.

And for those who are struggling with health issues, this approach is crucial to be able to turn things around to start the healing process.

Picking Up The Pieces

Once all of this discovery is thoroughly proved out, we have to test further to see how to undo it all.

It the case of the severe Gut distress, it was the worst reaction and mandated the most care.

In this case, the wheat intolerance caused so much inflammation of the gut lining, that it had essentially “burnt” the lining of the gut.

And the gut lining is only 1 cell layer thick, so healing of the gut wall isn’t like your skin. there are not layers below that have to regrow. The regrowth happens from the sides of the injury to fill in the injured areas.

Also, with this level of inflammation, the microvilli of the gut wall atrophy.

The microvilli hold the gut flora in place. When the microvilli atrophy, the flora washes away into the toilet. So replacing the gut fora is mandatory with inflammatory injuries of the gut wall.

All of this healing takes time, and specific care.

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