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People chose to be Gluten Free for a reason. They don’t feel good, and are trying to feel better.

It is true that it is very difficult to get help in this area. You see, Food Allergy testing only shows positive for a very small percentage of adverse food responses inside of us. Only 2-3% of the food responses are allergies. The other 97-98% of responses are Food Intolerance responses.

The reason why food intolerance responses don’t show up in most testing is because the people who do the testing have no idea why, or where the reactions are happening. Some are neurological responses, some are vascular, some are hormonal, some are toxic, and some are other causes.

Almost all food intolerance reactions show up somewhere distant from the gut. And these reactions can occur days to weeks after the food is eaten.

It is no wonder there is so much frustration about this topic.

Gluten happens to be one of the few food reactions that can be an allergy. Gluten, especially wheat, is linked to vascular responses in the brain. Gluten actually reduces the blood flow in the brain.

Reduced blood flow deprives the brain of nutrients and oxygen. The brain happens to be one of the most oxygen hungry organs in our body. These responses are linked to the common brain fog and headaches people talk about. Migraines are one of the worst responses out there.

Gluten is also linked to chronic inflammation, and autoimmune responses. Diabetes is one of the more common Wheat/Gluten autoimmune reactions.

People who are frustrated with the inadequacies of testing are often directed to the modified elimination diet approach to find their problem foods. The reason why this approach is so ineffective is because of the delayed responses that occur somewhere far for the gut.

Take blood sugar regulation for example. Gluten commonly dysregulates blood sugar. How is someone going to find this with rotational elimination of food? Few have a glucose meter. Few have clinisticks  to check the urine sugars.

And the clinisticks don’t measure anything other than 1 glucose metabolite. A refractometer gives more functional information.

But the point is the responses are not linear. There is no obvious cause and effect with delayed and distant responses.

There is a better way to determine food intolerances with a high degree of accuracy. Hormone responses and organ specific responses can be determined without traumatizing a person.

We do this with every person that we work with. It’s part of our process.

We can help you find out what all of your food intolerances are.

But a bigger question is why they are there.

Some foods are toxic with herbicides and pesticides. These have to be avoided.

Wheat is one of these. 95% of the hard wheat crop in the USA is sprayed with Roundup just before harvest. This is a big part of the problem.

For a good resource on being able to identify toxic foods click here.

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