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Would you like to have a consultation to discuss your unique situation? We do not do generic talks or generic consultations. We need to be able to address specific details about your unique situation.

What We Need First

In order to talk specifically about what is going on with you, and inside of you, we need some detailed information first. That is why we do not schedule our talk before we have the information that we need to be able to talk specifically about you.

That requires detailed responses on our forms from you. The more detail that you provide, the more specific your consultation will be.

Limited Space

We are a small private company that operates at near capacity. We therefore cannot work with everyone.

We need some information from you to determine if you are a right fit to work with. The more detail you provide, the more specific your consultation will be.


We designed 3 simple forms to help us identify potential areas that may need to be addressed.  Just open up the forms below, and fill them out in detail. Each subject and area of each form is important, especially the dietary diary. Vague answers only allow us to talk about general things. Specific, detailed answers allow us to talk about you, and what is going on with you in detail.

Be Specific

Fill the forms out in detail, then E-Mail them back to us at drbradandlisa@healthfullyu.com, and ask to schedule a time to talk.

The forms empower us to identify potential areas that are likely to be a part of your distress. This saves time in digging up hidden things that are affecting your health, which makes our talk much more beneficial to all of us.

Preview, & Schedule

As soon as we get them, we will send you a link to review some detailed material on what is going on inside of you. We will also schedule a consultation with you at a small charge to discuss your situation once your paperwork is complete.

At HealthfullyU, we offer patient forms online so you can complete them in the convenience of your own home or office. Fill them out, scan them, and E-Mail them back to us at drbradandlisa@healthfullyu.com. We need these forms prior to scheduling your consultation.

Add Some Pictures

Also take 3 pictures of yourself; 1 of the front, 1 from the side, and 1 of the face and Email them with the forms. The pictures support and add important information to the forms.

Here are the 3 Forms

Basic Overview

Coaching Application


To fill these out in an Android phone:

  1. Click on the form, it goes to your download folder.
  2. The download folder has a google drive icon in the top right corner. Click on it and save all 3 forms there. (You can make a new file here and save them in the new file so you don’t have to search for them.)
  3. Then close the download folder.
  4. Open the Google Drive and click on 1 of the forms.
  5. From there either a pencil will show up at the bottom of the form or a prompt to fill the form. Click on either one.
  6. Touch the form in each section that you want to fill out.
  7. A keyboard will show up at the bottom of the screen. 
  8. Then you can fill each section.
  9. Click Save.
  10. You can add notes by clicking on the message icon at the top.
  11. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right.
  12. Choose Share.
  13. Put our email address in your email contacts.
  14. choose our email address.
  15. Click send.

If you do not have AdobeReader® installed on your computer, Click Here to download.

* Over 30 years of Post Graduate Studies & using Functional Medicine.
* Over 90% regain their health – following instructions.


Here is a link to test yourself to find out where you need help to empower your healing.

* Candida/Leaky Gut – the root to almost all sickness.
* Food Intolerance – the silent killers of health.
* Ability to Heal – crucial to empower.
* HPA Axis – the key behind hormonal dysregulation.
* Nutrition – the building block of life.
* Water – the medium of life.


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• The fallacies of testing & their inaccuracies.
• Why clinical care fails.
• Added complications from treatments.
• Lifestyle changes that empower healing.
And after posting the question in Lyme Disease forums of what people wanted, we added a chapter on hormonal dysregulation, and the reflective problem with intimacy.
We have not seen this type of functional approach to this subject on the market before.
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