So that we can meet you in your need, we need some tools to help determine what root issues are causing your distress.

We designed 2 simple forms to help us identify potential areas that may need to be addressed.  Just open up the forms below, and fill them out. Then E-Mail them back to us at, and ask to schedule a time to talk.

The forms empower us to identify potential areas that are likely to be a part of your distress. This saves time in digging up hidden things that are affecting your health, which makes our talk much more beneficial to all of us.

As soon as we get them, we will schedule a 15 minute talk with you at no charge to discuss your situation.

At HealthfullyU, we offer patient forms online so you can complete them in the convenience of your own home or office. Fill them out, scan them, and E-Mail them back to us at, or fax us your printed and completed forms, or you may bring them with you on your first visit. Please complete these forms prior to your scheduled appointment.

If you do not have AdobeReader® installed on your computer, Click Here to download.