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If you have been to any of the forums out there, you will know that this is a big problem.

People are struggling with Candida, Yeast, Fungus, and Mold!

I used to struggle with it too.

In fact, my tonsils used to be gross! They had deep fissures in them. And those fissures commonly looked like they had blue cheese growing in them. I had ear infections. Strep Throat too. Athlete’s Foot was common.

And then there were rashes. Brain fog, motion sickness, and ringing in the ears were there for years.

It was these afflictions that drove me to start to cook as a young boy. When I ate different, I felt better.

This is what drove me into Natural Medicine.

And it was here, in Natural Medicine, that I discovered…

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how to get rid of this destroyer of health.

We’ve helped people conquer their Candida for decades now.

And yes, you can conquer yeast, fungus and mold too.

We’ve helped too many to count overcome this and get healthy once again.

You’re no different than all of these that we have helped.

Your situation is probably not that unique.

We help people find the mold in their homes.

You can’t heal if you live in mold.

And you’re probably thinking how is this guy going to come into my home and find all of the mold.

The truth is, I can come there virtually and find it.

With extreme accuracy too.

We do most of our care virtually.

And, it is as effective from a distance as it is from an office.


We can show you the way to regain your health.

To see how,

Click Below For Candida/Leaky Gut Videos

1. Why it Grows
2. The Microbiota
3. What It Does Inside
4. Toxic Effects
5. Hormonal Dysreguation & Intimacy Dysfunction:
6. The Gut Brain Axis
7. Candida & Cancer:
8. Why Treatment Fails


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                   Food Intolerances, The Biggest Barrier To Healing

* Over 30 years of Post Graduate Studies & using Functional Medicine.
* Over 90% regain their health – following instructions.

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Here is a link to test yourself to find out where you need help to empower your healing.

* Candida/Leaky Gut – the root to almost all sickness.
* Food Intolerance – the silent killers of health.
* Ability to Heal – crucial to empower.
* HPA Axis – the key behind hormonal dysregulation.
* Nutrition – the building block of life.
* Water – the medium of life.


Introducing our new book on Lyme disease.

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Breaking the Chronic Nightmare of Lyme Disease begins with stories of people who have conquered this nightmare, and now have healthy lives.
This is to give you hope.
Here’s some of what it covers:
• Untalked about routes of infection
• Four chapters on how the body systems interaction begins to break down in this chronic illness.
• The fallacies of testing & their inaccuracies.
• Why clinical care fails.
• Added complications from treatments.
• Lifestyle changes that empower healing.
And after posting the question in Lyme Disease forums of what people wanted, we added a chapter on hormonal dysregulation, and the reflective problem with intimacy.
We have not seen this type of functional approach to this subject on the market before.
It’s a must read for anyone trying to break free from Lyme disease, and regain their health.

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Here is our Free E Book on Healing Lifestyles.

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Lifestyle affects your hormones, it affects how your immune system works, how you build your proteins, it affects everything inside of you.
Lifestyle even affects your genetic expression.
Learn how to empower healing through Lifestyle.

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