Candida is a yeast that can be a destructive invader of your health. It can weaken every organ and make you toxic. And you should know that Candida has 4 different forms: yeast; mold; fungus; and fungal parasite.

It is true that candida is a normal part of a bacterial coating of your intestines called the flora. But, when the good bacteria of the flora gets overcome, candida can rapidly take over in our intestines, like in the picture on the cover.

Too many sweets, bread, and dairy all will feed the yeast and allow it to overwhelm the healthful bacteria in your flora. The candida can then change into its other forms of molds, fungus, and fungal parasites.

All fungal forms of yeast have little feeding tubules called mycelia. Mycelia may look soft and cottony, but its outer wall is made of chitin, which is the same material that bugs like crickets use to make their outer shell. It’s like you have thousands of crickets living inside of you.

The fungus becomes a parasite when the mycelia penetrates inside of the cells that line your gut. This is much like crickets pushing their legs through the lining of your gut. And the chitin blocks your immune system from attacking this fungal invader! This leaves you helpless in fighting off candida in its worst form.



Major Causes

Research shows us that antibiotics, NSAIDS, steroids, chronic stress, poor diet, heavy metal toxicity, and a weak immune system all cause candida infections.

Changes Digestion

Flora is what does the bulk of your digestion. When candida takes over your flora, you quit digesting food, fermenting or rotting it instead. This change in digestion creates toxins that overwhelm your liver and pollute you from the inside.

Leaky Gut

The toxins from the poor digestion start to irritate the lining of your gut. Then the tight spaces between the cells of your gut lining start to open up, and allow some of the undigested parts of your food into the bloodstream. Whole proteins get into your blood along with parts of bacteria and yeast.
This can turn into a systemic infection. And when your gut leaks, so does your brain—causing brain fog.

Food Intolerances

When the gut begins to leak, it lets undigested food particles get into your blood stream. Whole proteins, parts of the cell walls of vegetables, complex carbohydrate structures that are foreign to your body, and a host of other undigested food particles get into your blood. When foreign particles get into your blood stream your immune system begins to attack them. This causes food intolerances and autoimmune responses.

Autoimmune Disorders

All autoimmune disorders are caused by the same thing—toxins. Your liver gets overwhelmed by the toxins that come from your leaky gut. The liver can’t keep up detoxifying.
The toxins then try to get out of your body through the skin and lungs, causing skin and lung problems. What toxins can’t get out of your body deposit in your fat tissues. When the fat becomes too toxic, your immune system then begins to attack the foreign invader.
This may be the primary cause of Celiac Disease!

Thyroid Disease

Studies suggest that 75% of thyroid disease is autoimmune. It starts with the gut flora getting overwhelmed from pathogens like candida. Candida infections lead to a leaky gut. When your gut leaks, it allows many toxins to enter into your blood stream. Blood flows directly from the gut to the liver, the toxins can overwhelm the liver. Overwhelmed livers can’t process the toxic overload which makes it so that you can’t excrete them into the toilet. The toxins that aren’t excreted will then hide in your fatty tissues. Since the thyroid is about 50% fat, toxins hide in your thyroid. When the thyroid becomes too toxic, your immune system begins to attack it.
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is not a disease, it’s a reaction to the thyroid becoming too toxic.

Adrenal Fatigue

Your adrenal gland has 5 jobs: 1. stop inflammation; 2. raise your blood pressure when you get up; 3. it pulls proteins out of your muscles when stressed to be converted into sugar by the liver; 4. help direct your immune system to respond to the chrisis; 5. make the precursor steroids that all of our sexual hormones are built from.

All of the toxins create inflammation. The adrenal gland makes cortisol to stop the inflammation. The cortisol makes the blood sugar rise, which makes the insulin rise. The increased amount of sugar adds to the inflammation, causing cortisol to rise even more, causing the blood sugar to rise even more.
This cycle of ever-increasing inflammation burns itself out as chronic fatigue and diabetes.
Studies show that chronic candida

  • Causes Toxicity
  • Leading to Food Allergies
  • Resulting in Autoimmune Disease
  • Can Become Systemic
  • Contributes to Autism
  • Kills Cancer Victims
  • Causes Cancer

Candida is a household issue if one person has it, so will others that live in the same house.


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