What is Candida and how does the Gut leak?


Candida is is one of the major root causes of most chronic illnesses?

Hippocrates The Father Of Medicine

Hippocrates, the father of medicine believed that all disease starts in the gut. He didn’t have the science that we have today to prove this, nor did he have a deep understanding of all of the interactions that go on inside of the gut. He just intuitively knew that health revolved around the gut.

Today, we can look through the lens of science to understand that Hippocrates was right.

How The Gut Works

The gut is an amazing organ. It’s lining, called the mucosa, is only 1 cell layer thick. But those cells are unique – there’s nothing like them anywhere else in the body. They have these finger like projections called microvilli that increase the surface area of the gut some 351 times.


The microvilli are like little fingers projecting out into the inside of the gut where your food passes. The microvilli  produce a lot of mucous that does 3 things: it adds liquid to the passing food; it lubricates the gut wall; it provides a medium where the flora or microbiota live.


The microbiota does the bulk of our digestion. And when we look at electron microscope pictures of the gut wall, it appears that the food never touches the gut wall. The microbiota seems to act as a shuttle moving nutrients from the passing food to the gut wall for absorption.

Immune Function

Just under the mucosal lining is the submucosa where we find half of our immune system. This is an intricate lymphatic chain of vessels and nodes called Peyer’s Patches. Here, the immune system is poised to deal with the primary source of incoming toxins, and  bacteria escaping from the gut.

There is an intricate system of blood vessels intertwined with the immune system that carry the absorbing nutrients straight back to the liver.

Enteric Nervous System

There is also an complete nervous system inside of the gut called the enteric nervous system. This controls the functions of the gut and communicates with the brain.

Outside of the submucosa is a few layers of smooth muscle to move the food along.

And outside of the muscle layer is some really tough connective tissue to hold all of this delicate balance together.

Changes With Inflammation

When any cause of inflammation stays in the gut for longer than 24 hours, several changes start to occur.

* The microvilli start to atrophy.

* The surface area of the gut wall decreases with the microvilli atrophy.

* Mucus production decreases with the atrophy, decreasing lubrication, digestive fluids, and a place for the microbiota to live.

* the microbiota starts to wash out of the gut into the toilet.

* Pathogens start to grow in place of the healthy flora.

* Food now rots and ferments rather than digest.

* This creates a toxic environment that spills out into the immune system and blood vessels.

* The liver gets overwhelmed with the toxic overflow.

* The toxicity becomes systemic.

* The systemic toxicity creates hormone dysregulation, autoimmune responses, and breaks down every metabolic process in the body.


Candida is a small part of the normal flora when everything is healthy an in balance.

But when the inflammatory changes described above begin to take place, Candida thrives and can become the primary microbe that grows in the gut. This is a big problem because it becomes a pathogen when it grows in large numbers.

Candida ferments food which changes digestion. And the fermentation process that it creates gives off a very strong toxin called acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is 7 times stronger than embalming fluid – formaldehyde.

Leaky Gut

The Candida causes more inflammation in the gut wall, which makes the mucosal lining leak more in 2 ways.

1. The mucosal cells are connected together by what is called tight junctions. These tight junctions begin to loosen their grip and allow undigested food particles to pass between the cells rather than through them.

2. Autoimmune responses within the gut wall begin to destroy the mucosal cells.

Systemic Toxicity Reactions

All of this makes the gut wall leak more and more. The more it leaks, the more toxic it becomes, the more it overwhelms the liver. The liver can’t process all of the toxic spillover, so whole body to become toxic. This is called systemic toxicity.

The systemic toxins try to get out of the body through the 2 secondary elimination organs; the lungs and the skin.

The lungs start to respond with asthmatic reactions. The skin responds with unexplained rashes like eczema.

The toxins that can’t escape start to hide in all of your fat tissues making your fat stores toxic.

Thyroid and Adrenal Responses

All of your hormone producing glands are about 50% fat.

The Thyroid becomes toxic and starts to shut down. The Adrenal glands follow the thyroid. With this, the whole HPA Axis begins to dysregulate.

Brain Fog increases with the rising toxicity.


And autoimmune responses occur in reaction to the rising toxicity.

Candida starts to change to take deep root and survive. It turns from the yeast form to the fungal form and fungal parasite form. Mold is closely related to these changes.

Why People Don’t Heal

The whole reason why people can’t get help with this is really quite simple.

1. Candida is not the source of the problem, it grows in response to the real problem.

2. Most Candida Cleanse programs only hope to address the yeast form only. Anybody with chronic gut or reproductive problems usually has 3 or 4 forms of Candida that they have to deal with.

3. You can’t go after Candida to fix this problem, you have to find out why it is there and address it from that perspective.

4. Very few have the tools to figure all of this out.

5. Candida keeps changing as it tries to survive. Whoever is trying to direct people’s care need to have the tools to monitor  these changes and change therapy to keep you healing.

And because this is a lucrative market, you have a lot of people that have no idea what they are doing peddling quick fixes that just can’t work.


If you really want to gain your health back, and you are willing to do a little work,

Let’s Talk

We’ll show you how.

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