Food Intolerance Is One Of The Most Misunderstood And Misdiagnosed Causes Of Failing Health.

Migraines, brain fog, gut problems, arthritis, even autoimmune responses can all be related to food intolerances.

Their symptoms can show up anywhere.

And the lab testing to try to find what foods you are intolerant to are only 2-3 % accurate. So you try another route to try to discover what foods you are intolerant to. You try the modified elimination diet.

But that doesn’t work either.

You see, food intolerances can have delayed responses. Sometimes those responses can takes weeks to develop. And then their reactions are commonly far away form the gut.

So it’s really hard to connect the dots.

We were working with a woman who had a history of seizures. They were mostly mild, but had been there most of her life. She came in one day, and I found that she had eaten some dairy. she didn’t remember eating that, so she denied it.

I got a call from her about a week later. She had just had 2 grand mal seizures. She then related this story.

She had been to some social gatherings 2 weekends in a row. Both gatherings served food. At one of those gatherings she had eaten some chicken wild rice soup, which is always a cream base. At the other gathering she had eaten something else with dairy in it. And the day after the second gathering she had the 2 grand mal seizures.

She didn’t put the dairy in the foods together until after the grand mal’s. The dairy had caused these.

So I asked her if she was going to accept that the dairy caused these, or if she was going to test it again. She gave an obvious no way would she ever do dairy again.

It took that incident to find out the trigger of her life long seizures.

That’s how food intolerances work, they cause reactions far from the gut in delayed responses.

And if she had not been working with us, she never would have connected those dots.

By the way, the last time that I saw a picture of the doctor that came up with the Modified Elimination Diet, his face looked like an inflamed blimped out strawberry. That was a reaction to food intolerances that his program didn’t find.

Here’s a short rundown of what food intolerances do.

* Cause inflammatory atrophy of the gut lining.

* Gut mucous decreases with the atrophy.

* Gut lubrication and digestive fluids decrease with  the loss of mucous.

* The gut flora that lived in the mucous washes down into the toilet.

* Pathogens grow unchecked in the gut.

* Gut digestion changes into fermentation and rotting of foods.

* The Gut begins to leak.

* Systemic toxicity rises.

* Hormones dysregulate.

* All hormonal functions start to change.

* Infertilty and cycle problems arise.

* Rashes and respiratory problems result from the rising toxicity.

* Blood circulation changes in many tissues and organs.

* Autoimmune responses start showing up.

* And it get’s worse from here.

Your food intolerance is just a symptom of a much bigger problem. That bigger problem is that something is wrong with your gut. If you don’t fix your gut, you can’t heal your food intolerances.

You never just have one food intolerance – there are always several.

If you have any type of chronic health issue you have food intolerances. You may not know you have them, but you do.

And you can’t heal without knowing what your food intolerances are and how to address them.

We have a way of testing you for food intolerances that is fast, accurate and versatile.

If you have any of these you almost certainly have food intolerances.

  • Candida
  • Lyme Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Infertility
  • ADD, ADHD, Autism
  • Cancer
  • Depression.

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