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Most people looking for help with Lyme Disease realize what a nightmare this is.


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The first nightmare is getting Lyme Disease. The second nightmare is trying to find help. And it’s hard to say which nightmare is worse.

I started my own journey with Lyme Disease many years ago. It started with some strange, really high fevers. My temperature would hang around 104, and spike up from there.

There really weren’t any more symptoms for me other than the fevers. But 104 plus fevers are never good for an adult. In fact they can be downright scary.

I tried everything that I could to bring the fevers down, but they just wouldn’t respond.

So, I went to an MD for the first time in over 30 years. He told me to take Ibuprofen, which didn’t help, and it gave me hallucinations.

Later, I developed some tools to work with Lyme Disease, and found that I had it!

For me, it was more the co-infection Babesia that had been causing the high fevers.

I was able to clear that rather quickly, and have been fine ever since.

My wife’s case was much worse. She had collapsed on the floor, unable to get up.

She too went to the MD, who took some tests and gave her the typical doxycycline.

The first dose was taken on the way home from the doctor, and she reacted so bad that she had to turn around and go back to the clinic before she got home. That reaction was blown off as a reaction to the lettuce in her lunch.

This led to visits with the internal medicine specialist, who wanted to send her to the infections disease specialist.

None of her doctors listened to her concern that their treatment was killing her.

That’s when we started working with her naturally.

And she began to heal rather quickly.

She went from barely being able to walk to the bathroom, to walking 1/5th of a mile to a Lyme support group in a matter of a few weeks.

This is typical of what we see. People who are severely disabled with Lyme Disease regain their health rather quickly.

Is that what you are looking for?

Do you want your health back?

That can happen fairly quickly.

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Lyme Disease Master Class <Click Here.


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* Over 90% regain their health – following instructions.

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* Candida/Leaky Gut – the root to almost all sickness.
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* HPA Axis – the key behind hormonal dysregulation.
* Nutrition – the building block of life.
* Water – the medium of life.


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